Our first litter of 2019 was out of our Maida (GCHB Calista's Reaching For The Moon) and by Jack (AM/CAN CH Triple H Moonlight Interlude).  Born on March 26, 2019.  We had four girls and one boy puppy, all are red and white.
Maida and her newborns. 
Maida is such a great mother! 
Puppies at almost two weeks old.
Five weeks old and enjoying solid food.  Growing like weeds!
Six weeks old and experiencing the fun of being outdoors.
Maida loves playing with her puppies
and so does Aunt Mindy.
Time flies!  These little ones were 10 weeks old in these photos!
This is our litter born June 11, 2019 out of our Frenchie (CH Calista's Grace Under Fire) and by Jack (AM/CAN CH Triple H Moonlight Interlude).  Frenchie had five healthy puppies.
Puppy pile!
Four weeks old and time for solid food....puppy slop!
Seven weeks old, outside having fun!